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Trade synergy of PGNiG and Azoty Group

On 13 April 2016 Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo SA and Azoty Group concluded a new agreement for gas fuel sale. Under the general agreement and the signed bilateral contracts PGNiG will deliver natural gas to five companies of Azoty Group, including companies in Tarnów, Puławy, Police, Kędzierzyn and “Siarkopol”.

The agreement will be effective as of 2019. The total quantity of deliveries throughout the entire term of the agreement may reach even 4.5 billion m3 of gas. The value of the contract is estimated at approximately PLN 3.3 billion.

- Today’s meeting and signing of the agreement between two important companies, two important State Treasury entities proves that the economic patriotism means specific ideas, goals and, first of all, implementation of projects resulting in the development of strong and independent Poland, attractive for investors and friendly for entrepreneurs – said Dawid Jackiewicz, Minister of Treasury. – Cooperating and efficiently managed enterprises from sectors strategic from the point of view of the state create foundations of wealthy Poland, respected internationally - he stressed.

In accordance with the agreement, PGNiG will supply natural gas to five companies of Azoty Group: Grupy Azoty SA with the registered office in Tarnów, Azoty Group - Zakłady Azotowe Puławy SA, Azoty Group - Zakłady Chemiczne Police SA, Azoty Group - Zakłady Azotowe Kędzierzyn SA, Azoty Group - Mines and Sulphur Chemical Plants “Siarkopol” SA.

- The negotiated agreement is a new stage of cooperation between our Companies. Due to signing of the contracts we shall receive not only a guarantee of stable deliveries but also market mechanisms ensuring gas acquisition at prices associated with exchange indices. The agreement introduces innovative solutions for the performed deliveries, which arise from the competitive offer of our strategic raw material supplier - PGNiG. The fact is also significant that our cooperation based on market solutions means tightening of the cooperation between two capital groups of key importance for the Polish economy – comments Mariusz Bober, President of Azoty Group.

PGNiG SA and Azoty Group signed a general contract defining general terms of cooperation between the Parties and individual contracts related to natural gas purchase by each of companies from Azoty Group. The concluded general contract is open and allows for concluding additional contracts for consecutive volumes in the future.

- The agreement signed today with our biggest and, at the same time, strategic gas customer is a “new opening” in the history of our relations. I am happy that we have developed new satisfactory rules of multiannual cooperation with Azoty Group. We constantly listen to the needs of our clients and, owing to that, PGNiG has a very favourable gas offer on the liberalised marker and our clients are happy with safe and foreseeable terms  of delivery. I am convinced that it will not only enable PGNiG to maintain the position of natural gas market leader in Poland but also contribute to fast growth of sale - summarised Maciej Woźniak, Vice President of the Management Board of PGNiG for Commercial Affairs.


Published by: Piotr Krupa
Last change: 13.04.2016