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Foundry Workers' Day 2016

The central celebrations of the Foundry Workers' Day 2016 were attended by the Minister of Treasury, Dawid Jackiewicz. The celebrations are related to St. Florian's day, patron saint of foundry workers, on 4th May.

Early May is the time of traditional foundry workers' celebrations in the whole copper-mining region. In the Municipal Community Centre in Głogów, the Central Celebration of the Foundry workers' Day 2016 was held. The invited guests included e.g. diplomats, representatives of the government authorities, priests, Members of Parliament, uniformed services, as well as the Management Board Members and employees of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

During the ceremonial Central Academy, on 6 May 2016, there were government medals and jubilee distinctions awarded. Following the motion by the Voivode of Lower Silesia, by the decision of the President of Poland, the outstanding employees of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. were awarded Medals for Long Service. The employees received them from the Minister of Treasury, Dawid Jackiewicz, and the Voivode of Lower Silesia, Paweł Hreniak.

Also the distinctions of honour, called "Of Merits for KGHM Polska Miedź S.A." were awarded for particular merits for the development of Polska Miedź. Moreover, the distinctions were offered to copper foundry workers having their employment jubilees. They received congratulation letters and statues of St. Florian.

The acknowledgments were accompanied by many thanks for their everyday work. Minister Dawid Jackiewicz emphasized that KGHM value is created primarily by the foundry workers, based on the potential of the mining industry.

"You have chosen a difficult and demanding job. The job in which only strong, hard-working and conscientious people can succeed, just like you, said Minister Dawid Jackiewicz during the meeting.



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