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Good Sponsoring Practices for the State-owned Companies

The Ministry of Treasury and the Ministry of Sports and Tourism developed a document entitled "Good Practices of Sponsoring Activities by Companies with Treasury Shareholding" which offers solutions for the state-owned companies planning to carry out sponsoring activities.

"Sponsoring activities should be undertaken by the companies with Treasury shareholding in a transparent and responsible way, after meeting the conditions of long-term economic and financial stability and assuming achievement of measurable effects", Minister of Treasury, Dawid Jackiewicz stressed.

The document is addressed to the bodies of companies where the Treasury exercises corporate governance directly and indirectly. This is a manifestation of the expectations of the Minister of Treasury concerning the business activity in this area. The document determines only the direction of action and is a component of a broader process of conscious corporate governance development. It has a form of a voluntary regulation offering grounds for enforcing the good practices advocated.

Sponsoring as a promotional activity component should contribute to building the value and positive image of both the sponsor and the sponsored entity. "Pursuing the objective, i.e. supporting the pro-developmental activities of companies with Treasury shareholding, and being responsible for the entrusted national wealth, as a Minister of Treasury I perceive the need to structure the aspects of sponsoring activities and presentation of the required standards of their performance by the companies with Treasury shareholding", Minister Dawid Jackiewicz stresses.

Today, management of a sports organisation and obtaining funds for the operation of the sports associations and clubs, as well as for organising sports events, is equally important as the sports abilities. The activities described in Good Practice by the Ministry of Treasury and the Ministry of Sports and Tourism will enable to support and promote Polish sports.

The document defines intra-corporate legal framework for sponsoring and the sponsoring areas, i.e. professional sports (including sports associations), physical education, sports of children and adolescents, cultural activities, public education and science, sustainable initiatives and social campaigns.

What is more, considering the companies' potential in promoting and supporting Polish sport, the document suggests that the companies with Treasury shareholding should use the information provided by the Ministry of Sports and Tourism when planning sponsoring activities. "We wish to help disciplines of key importance for the Polish sports which did not have the appropriate sponsoring support so far. The Ministry of Sports and Tourism will become a think tank. Associations must present a strategy and the Ministry, having verified it, will provide an opinion and, when the association's offer is accepted, we will encourage companies with Treasury shareholding to get involved in sponsoring, said Witold Bańka, Minister of Sports and Tourism. The sports associations will be obliged to file applications which will be reviewed by the Minister of Sports and Tourism and then placed on the website of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism. The Management Board of the company with Treasury shareholding will analyse the offers of particular sports associations, made available by the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, in the context of the prospective cooperation. Support will be offered provided the Management Board indicates actual and measurable benefits, resulting from the participation in funding. This will help to avoid any accidental spending of funds. "We are certain that good practice related to the sponsoring activities of the companies with Treasury shareholding will contribute to the development of the Polish sports, and the invaluable Olympic medals, won thanks to the appropriate financial aid, will be cherished by all Poles", Minister Bańka stressed.

Good practice suggests using the potential to create a favourable image by participating in the undertakings organised under the auspices of government authorities, including but not limited to in the Polish or supranational projects. The document is the first to present also detailed recommendations concerning provisions of sponsoring agreements, including the clauses making it possible for the sponsor to monitor/supervise expenditure of the sponsored entity as well as provisions guaranteeing correct appropriation of funds.


Published by: Piotr Krupa
Last change: 15.06.2016