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Azoty Group and PKP Cargo strengthen their cooperation

"Cooperation of the companies of key importance for the Polish economy is a clear sign that the economic patriotic assumptions advocated by the Ministry of Treasury are being fulfilled. I am happy PKP Cargo and Azoty Group develop a close cooperation and I am certain this is going to contribute to strengthening their market position not only in Poland but also in Europe. Restoration of the strong and independent Polish economy is a priority of the Ministry of Treasury. I believe the exchange of

Azoty Group and PKP Cargo signed a two-year contract for transporting over 4 million tonnes of fertilisers, chemicals and raw materials for companies belonging to Azoty Group. The estimated total value of this contract is closed to 200 million PLN. The cooperation between PKP Cargo and Azoty Group is governed by the framework contract and separate volume-based contracts with five companies of this chemical and fertiliser tycoon. This continues the existing cooperation between the two entities. The contract was signed in the presence of Dawid Jackiewicz, Minister of Treasury.

Under the new contract, PKP Cargo shall provide comprehensive transport services to Azoty Group. The largest carrier in Poland is going to deliver e.g. fertilisers, chemical products and containerised cargo to the consignees in Poland as well as to serve the international connections. The latter include e.g. the connections with the Polish harbours. Some transport routes will be connections between companies belonging to Azoty Group. Under the new contract, PKP Cargo shall serve the following five companies for two years: Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe "Puławy: S.A., Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe Kędzierzyn S.A., Grupa Azoty Zakłady Chemiczne "Police" S.A., Grupa Azoty Kopalnie and Zakłady Chemiczne Siarki "SIARKOPOL" S.A. with its seat in Grzybów.

In recent 12 months, the largest Polish cargo railway carrier transported 3.5 million tonnes of cargo for Azoty Group. Handling the orders requires sending close to 10 trains a week on average.

"We have cooperated with PKP Cargo for many years with respect to railway transport. The company has the largest rolling stock, including specialised carriages for transporting chemicals, and is characterised by flexible approach to this immense logistic project, covering transport to and from companies located in different parts of Poland. This contract secures the transport of 60 per cent of our annual volumes. By close cooperation, as if it was a single, integrated body within Azoty Group, we eliminate many transport risk types connected for the period of huge product and raw material volumes, Mariusz Bober, Azoty Group Management Board President, sums up.

The transport for Azoty Group is carried out primarily by block-train system but also in distributed carriage (in small groups and individual carriages). For this purpose the carriages belonging to Azoty Group and own rolling stock of PKP Cargo are used.

PKP Cargo transports also the cargo exported to Sweden for Azoty Group. They combine transport by railway, ferry and road. The Polish manufacturer's fertilisers are carried in rail carriages to Świnoujście harbour where they are transported to Ystadt harbour from by ferry. From Ystadt, the carriages go to the reloading terminal where the cargo is reloaded and transported to end customers by lorries.

Under a separate contract with Azoty Group, PKP Cargo handles also coal transport from Silesian mines and Bogdanka near Lublin. The contract signed in March covers the transport of close to 900 thousand tonnes of coal.

"Azoty Group is our long-term, strategic customer who requires high potential and experience from the carrier. The contracts signed today, extending our cooperation, confirm the high quality of services offered by PKP Cargo and the crucial role of the railroad cargo transport in Poland. We are ready to strengthen the partnership with Azoty Group further and provide the highest quality services to its companies", says Maciej Libiszewski, Management Board President in PKP Cargo.a


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