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PHN and KGHM TFI established cooperation

On 5 July Polski Holding Nieruchomości (Polish Real Estate Holding - PHN) and KGHM TFI signed a letter of intent concerning a possibility to establish cooperation under the implementation of a joint investment project in the centre of Wrocław, consisting in construction of two modern A class buildings with the supplementary commercial and service function, with the total area of approximately 33 thousand m2.

  • In the middle: Dawid Jackiewicz, the Minister of Treasury
    In the middle: Dawid Jackiewicz, the Minister of Treasury

In accordance with the provisions of the letter of intent, the intention of the parties is to undertake a joint project, i.e. the construction of a modern office and service complex consisting of two buildings located in the very centre of Wrocław, at Al. Jana Pawła II. The partners intend to commercialise the space of both service and office buildings for external tenants on market terms.

- On many occasions I used to stress the role of cooperation of institutions and companies with the State Treasury shareholding, therefore, the example of the next effective implementation of the current State Treasury policy is even more welcome. The planned cooperation between a company belonging to the Capital Group of one of the biggest entities in the Polish economic market - KGHM TFI and Polski Holding Nieruchomości S.A., will result in the delivery of a modern office complex in Wrocław. The cooperation and effects of collaboration between PHN S.A. and KGHM TFI will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the development of the Lower Silesian real estate market and enable entities of the capital group composed of companies with the State Treasury shareholding to compete with foreign entities - said Dawid Jackiewicz, the Minister of Treasury.

- We are convinced that the future cooperation with KGHM TFI will generate many benefits to both parties and contribute to the delivery of the modern office complex raising significant interest among tenants. We are also pleased that Wrocław, following Poznań and Gdańsk, may become the next among the biggest regional cities of Poland where Polski Holding Nieruchomości S.A. will hold modern A class office space - said Maciej Jankiewicz, the President of the Management Board of Polski Holding Nieruchomości S.A.

- I am glad that the assumptions conducted in the scope of a possibility of the best utilisation of those locations, so interesting in terms of prestigious development projects have been confirmed. Therefore, the partnership with the Polish Real Estate Holding means the perspective for implementation of investment undertakings to become not only the flagship investment projects within our fund but also important business points for external entities searching for modern and very well located office space. For KGHM TFI it is the next project to be implemented within KGHM IV FIZAN, i.e. the real estate branch - says Mirosław Stanisławski, the President of the Management Board of KGHM TFI S.A.

Under the project, two independent office and service buildings will be constructed: “A” building with the space of over 10 thousand square metres and “B” building with the space of over 20 thousand square metres. The buildings will have, respectively, 7 and 8 floors with the office and service function. In one of the buildings, a spacious area to be ultimately used as a conference space has been designed. Under the entire facility, an underground parking space has also been designed, connected by internal exit ramps. The conceptual design was developed by the Medusagroup design studio.

In terms of architecture the design shall constitute an elegant composition of buildings included in the office conglomeration, fully adjusted to the representative position of the location in the centre of Wrocław.


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