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Iranian Crude Oil for Lotos

LOTOS S.A. Group ordered "Atlantas" tanker with 2 million barrels of Iranian crude oil. The vessel is going to call in Naftoport in mid August.

  • LOTOS S.A. Group
    LOTOS S.A. Group

"LOTOS is interested in every economically reasonable cooperation related to crude oil deliveries to the refinery in Gdańsk", Robert Pietryszyny, President of LOTOS S.A. Group stresses. "The areas of our interest have comprised Arabian crude oil, e.g. Arabian Light oil, the first delivery of which, amounting to 100 thousand tonnes, was brought to Gdańsk by LOTOS last September. That transaction opened the Baltic Sea region up for the Saudi Arabian producer, paving up the way for other players of that market. It is similar today when the actual delivery of Iranian crude oil to our refinery proves such a cooperation is possible."

"This transaction of LOTOS Group confirms that the companies with Treasury shareholding have been striving to improve the energy security of Poland consistently. Diversifying crude oil deliveries to Poland, combined with a good economy of such deliveries, is the direction advantageous not only for the strategic interests of the state, but also for our economy", Dawid Jackiewicz, Minister of Treasury remarks.

LOTOS has arranged deliveries from different directions on a regular basis, e.g. from the North Sea, Persian Gulf, Mediterranean Sea or Africa. Moreover, the corporation produces its own fuel in the Baltic Sea, is the largest producer of crude oil in Lithuania and processes raw material supplied by PGNiG from Lubiatów-Międzychód-Grotów mine in the Gdańsk plant.

"LOTOS has had regular contacts with NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company) representatives, the entity responsible for selling Iranian crude oil worldwide", says Maciej Szozda, Deputy President, Production and Sales Director in LOTOS S.A. Group. "Last year, we received a confirmation from NIOC that LOTOS was registered as the prospective buyer of Iranian oil. As EU lifted sanctions for trading in Iranian raw materials, we were able to order them directly from the producer.

LOTOS S.A. Group and National Iranian Oil Company intend to continue cooperation related to crude oil deliveries to the refinery in Gdańsk.

It is worth adding that LOTOS S.A. Group refinery in Gdańsk has technology enabling to process Iranian oil. The plant was designed to process material delivered from the Middle East. The first oil processed by the refinery was Zakum from the United Arab Emirates. In 1975, the refinery in Gdańsk processed over 10 million Iranian crude oil.


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