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The number of firms employing over 10 persons is growing

Published: 19.02.2016

The number of firms employing at least 10 persons has been growing for several years, reaching almost 80k in 2015, a January statement from stats office GUS showed. The segment of small firms, employing up to 50 persons, recorded fastest growth.

Small firms dominate the group of firms which employ 10 or more employees, accounting for 77.7% of the total in 2014 (78% versus 78% in 2013), according to GUS data. The segment of mid-sized firms (between 50 and 249 employees) accounted for 18.2% (versus 18.1% in 2013), while big firms (over 250 employees) accounted for 4.1% of all firms in Poland.

Compared to 2009, the number of small firms rose by 20.1%, the number of big firms increased by 7.6%, while the number of mid-sized firms declined by 4.4%.

Revenues grow independently from the size of a company

Every segment of the corporate sector recorded revenue growth per firm and per employee compared to 2009, GUS data show. In the segment of small firms these indicators rose by 15.5% and 27.9% respectively. In the mid-sized firms segment by 22.6% and by 22.1%, while in big firms by 22.4% and 21.6%.

"Compared to 2009, the surveyed firms recorded a slight increase in the overall number of employees," the GUS report reads. "Employment rose by 4.2% in small firms and 5.2% in big firms, while in mid-sized enterprises it declined by 6.4%."

In 2014, the surveyed firms recorded a slight increase in the total number of employees in comparison to 2009. At the same time, firms recorded an increase in the average gross monthly wage per employee as well as an increase in sales per firm and per employee.

Source: GUS,7,8.html

At end-2014 some 5.493 mln employees worked in the firms included in the survey compared to 5.386 mln a year before. Of this total 1.209 mln worked in small firms, 1.521 mln in mid-sized firms and 2.763 mln in large companies.

Manufacturing and trade segments are the biggest employers

"Nearly 60% of all corporate segment employees worked in manufacturing and trade (37.1% and 20.3% respectively)," GUS noted in its report.

The average monthly wage was higher in 2014 than in 2009: in small firms this increase reached 22%, in mid-sized: 22.7%, while in big firms: 18.2%. Average gross corporate wage amounted to PLN 3,978, up by 3.7% y/y. In small and mid-sized entities wages were below average (PLN 3.158k and PLN 3.712k respectively), while in big firms wages were above average (PLN 4.469k).

"The highest average gross monthly wage was recorded in firms from the mining segment (PLN 9.914k) as well as information and communication (PLN 6.885k), while the lowest in firms from the hospitality and gastronomy segment (PLN 2.741k) and administration services (PLN 2.825k)

Most revenues from big firms

The firms surveyed by GUS sported PLN 2.935 trillion in revenues from the sale of products, services and materials in 2014, a 2.5% y/y increase. Large firms accounted for over half of those revenues (55.6%), while small firms generated some 20% of the total. In sector distribution, manufacturing firms generated the largest part of total revenues (37.1%), followed by wholesale and retail trade and car repairs (34.6%).

Investment outlays borne by surveyed firms rose to PLN 138.3 bln in 2014, an increase compared to PLN 121.4 bln, i.e. an almost 14% y/y growth. Of the total investment sum, large firms contributed 66.3%, mid-sized firms generated 22.5%, while small firms: 11.2%. In sector distribution, manufacturing generated 33.8% of investment outlays, followed by power, natural gas, steam and water segment (15.5%) as well as transport and warehousing (13.7%).

Most firms operate in the Mazowieckie and Slaskie regions

The largest group of firms encompassed in the GUS survey operated in the Mazowieckie region: over 12.5k entities or 15.7% of the total, followed by the Slaskie region (10.9k firms, 13.6% of the total). The smallest number of firms was recorded in the Opolskie and Podlaskie regions (1.8k, 2.3% each).

Firms from the Mazowieckie and Slaskie regions generated in total some 43.3% of all revenues of the surveyed firms, including 31.7% attributable to the Mazowieckie region.

On the other end of the spectrum, aggregate revenues of entities operating in the Opolskie and Podlaskie regions reached 3.1%. The number of employees in the Mazowieckie and Slaskie regions accounted to 24.1% and 13.5% respectively. In Opolskie and Podlaskie regions combined this figure stood at 3.4%.

Source - Polish Press Agency, Economic Service


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