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Ministry of Treasury Remit

The Ministry of Treasury performs ownership supervision and manages the portfolio of companies with Treasury shareholding and state legal persons. The Minister of Treasury ensures efficient use of state-owned assets and proper operation of the national economy.

According to the status as of July 2016, the Minister of Treasury supervises 386 entities. They comprise 189 active entities (conducting business operations), among them KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. (copper mining sector), PZU S.A. (insurance sector), the Warsaw Stock Exchange (financial sector), PLL LOT S.A. (air transport sector), Grupa Azoty S.A. (chemical sector). The remaining part represents companies under bankruptcy, liquidation which do not carry out business operations and companies where Treasury only holds employee shareholding.

The Ministry places special emphasis on improvement of the supervised entities’ operational effectiveness, the effectiveness of managing those entities, the increase of their value, and preparation of particular entities for the process of ownership transformation. In specific cases, the Minister of Treasury acts as a body providing state aid or other kind of support to entrepreneurs. This is an important tool to support restructuring processes.

The Ministry of Treasury manages the property of the Treasury by commercialization (transformation of state enterprises into commercial law companies), privatization or municipalization (free of charge disposal of shares in companies to local government units or associations of local government units).

The Minister of Treasury also supervises operations of the Office of the Attorney General of the Treasury, i.e. a state organizational entity responsible for protection of Treasury rights and interests before courts.


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